How Our Agile Mindset Can Help Us Survive The Crisis?

We might be facing one of the greatest crises of modern world. It affects us on multiple layers. Many of us experienced human tragedies. On the other hand, another millions may suffer as both global and local economies has started slowing down. From all angles we hear how to protect our health. However, there is only little suggestions how to adjust our working behaviors to soften this impact on our businesses. Luckily, for all of us embracing the agile mindset, we might be equipped with skills that help us to quickly react to the situation.

With this post I would like to start a discussion. What do you think are the key tips how can the agile mindset help our businesses to pull through during the crisis? I’ve gathered some of answers that I found the most relevant. However, I’m planning to update the article basing on your comments.

So let’s asks ourselves this question. Is there anything that we can do better to be have successful businesses in these harsh days?

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